How to Keep your Employees Stay Connected with your Core Business …?

Keeping employees connected with good communication between them is a very important factor to be considered in this modern business environment.  Good business communication practices can lead to great employee performance. Conducting meetings, use of latest technologies, frequent outgoing emails, annual get-togethers, business hour rules, meetings via audio or video conferencing etc are some of the techniques to keep your employees stay connected to the core business.

Sharing information’s on company news like new work procedures/approaches and business strategies with employees through emails, memos, and video/podcast are found to be effective. Latest communication technologies like hosting phone systems in the cloud technology is one of the best solutions for attaining an enterprise level system at cheaper cost.

How to keep your employees connected


Wireless Technology and the Benefits of Wireless Transmissions

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Nowadays people prefer wireless communication more. It is mainly due to the user convenience and flexibility in communication in spite of the distances and physical locations. Wireless communication helps to overcome the limitations of the wired technologies and gadgets.

At earlier times, the range of wireless transmission is limited to a specific distance. As the business expands the communication requirements of the business also increased, hence it becomes crucial to increase the range of wireless technologies.

The wireless LAN connections are seemed to be great initially but it has some practical limitations. The flexibility and user convenience in connecting devices without using wires has led to an extra-ordinary success of wireless technologies in the consumer sector. The revolutionary success of wireless technologies makes them use in various other settings such as industrial applications.

Benefits of Wireless Technologies

Compared with the earlier wired technologies, the wireless technologies benefits the communication in a number of ways including cost efficiency, broader coverage,  flexibility, mobility, scalability, user convenience, etc.

  • Communication Efficiency & Mobility

The wireless communications allows people to communicate in a faster and more efficient manner. More enhanced information exchange is possible between the people within an enterprise as well as between the business and the customers. Using wireless communication workers can continue their business from anywhere. Hence the workers are no longer tied to their desks or work-spaces. The employees could provide services to customers from remote locations and the customers could feel the virtual presence of the staffs.

  • Flexibility & Easy Expansion

A major benefit of wireless technologies is the higher grade of flexibility it offers for communications. Wireless technologies make it very easier and faster to connect remote stationary systems to mobile substations or robots to obtain a higher level of connectivity. Since wireless technologies do not contain physical connections, it is very easier to expand or shrink the communications networks as and when required. The wireless networks can be relocated easily without causing any overheads or expenses.

  • Cost & Money Savings

Wireless networks are very cheaper compared with the wired communications and technologies. This cost efficiency is achieved because there is no need to purchase expensive hardware. Also no cabling and wiring are needed to connect devices. Hence the wireless technology saves the cost that you spend for the installation, implementation, maintenance and modification of wired networks and devices. The time spent for the same activities can also be saved here and this can be productively used for other operations. It is seen that the average time needed to deploy a wireless solution is considerably shorter than that of a wired solution.

Most of the wireless access points and consumer-grade solutions are not capable of providing a wider coverage. So in order to extend the wireless range, repeaters or additional access points are needed. Cost effective and long range solutions to improve the scope and capacity are available nowadays.

Increasing the range of Wireless technology will hike its popularity and demand in future considerably. Hence we can expect the implementation of wireless technologies in all fields.

How VoIP Services Helps to Expand your Small Business

VoIP helps to expand business


Emergence of digital communication tools has made the communication costs much lower than the previous years. Now variety of advanced features and services are available at affordable costs. A successful business requires full attention and the ability to communicate without interruption at lower cost. When a Hosted PBX system is used with business VoIP, then your staff and clients will be able to communicate without the distraction of a low quality phone system or one with very few features.

VoIP when compared with legacy traditional landlines

VoIP calls are transmitted over the Internet. As a result it charges low cost for domestic as well as international calls. VoIP phone numbers are not fixed to a specific location. Using VoIP services, employees can communicate with each other in different communication modes bridging the gap between team members who work from different locations. VoIP service providers also offer the facility to manage the features, services and upgrades through online web based management portals. VoIP is more beneficial than traditional phone systems in terms of cost, reliability, scalability and its advanced features.

How VoIP helps to expand your business?

As the business expands it will need to satisfy the continually expanding needs. In the case of small businesses, communication facilities often become a stumbling block that hinders expansion. VoIP phone systems considerable reduces the communication costs, minimizes the relocation downtime, enables the employees to attend the increasing call traffic, enables remote workers to work from distant locations etc. VoIP is being taken as a seriously emerging business communication technology.

Within a few years VoIP will become the dominant telephony service used by business organizations. More number of businesses of all sizes is migrating to VoIP as their main communication tool. Many businesses are unaware of the attractive benefits of VoIP. Small business owners that successfully switched to VoIP services may find some of the following reasons that the new phone service benefits their company:

  • Mobility

VoIP allows the employees to work from anywhere out of the office, without the worry of missing important calls from clients. Most VoIP service providers provide mobility services on a single registered identity regardless of the location or network connection of the user.

  • Business Growth

Adding new extensions is really easy with a VoIP system which can be done immediately through online portal of the service provider. The system is designed in a way to help for the expansion of your business quickly and more effectively at minimal expenses.

  • Improves Business Productivity

VoIP services allow the employees to perform multiple tasks without interruptions and thus increases the overall productivity of an organization. The main problem with earlier VoIP versions was its call quality. But the advancements in VoIP technology has made it more appealing to businesses who do not want to deal with bugs like voice distortions, transmission delays, dropped calls etc.

  • VoIP Presents Cheap User Hardware And Software

The only hardware equipment required for VoIP installation besides your computer and Internet connection are a sound card, speaker and a microphone. There are software’s like Skype, which are freely available on the Internet that supports Internet telephony.

  • Money saver

As workers can communicate from separate locations or even from home, a company can drastically reduce the money it needs to spend on transportation costs. With VoIP technology there are no roaming charges. It allows remote employees to connect with their co-workers or clients at local rates even if they are travelling inside or outside their country.

Migration towards a reputable VoIP service boosts up the interaction with customers and increases the potential to sustain small business growth. Savings and efficiency are the leading considerations for a business VoIP phone system. BroadConnect, America’s fastest growing VoIP service provider is designed to help small and mid-sized businesses to have an enterprise level system to stay competitive with their opponents.

Hosted Call Center Solutions from BroadConnect Telecom USA

BroadConnect’s Hosted contact centre solutions are feature rich and cost effective solutions that helps a business firm to place the whole world at their fingertips. Hosted Services from BroadConnect Telecom deliver excellent call handling capabilities by maintaining their own private network. It can improve your sales and customer satisfaction rates and can provide you the best and matching tools for future enhancements in the field of business communications.

BroadConnect’s Hosted PBX solution also supports telecommuting by providing the tools necessary to operate remote employee system allowing the employees to work from any location other than the office that has broadband Internet connectivity. Reporting and monitoring service from BroadConnect helps the business to effectively manage their communication needs. Auto-attendants, Automatic Call Distribution services, Music-On-Hold, Enhanced Queuing facilities, Wrap-up Timers, Supervisor Reports etc. are some of the added advantages of a Hosted Communication infrastructure from BroadConnect Telecom.

Hosted Call Center Solutions from BroadConnect Telecom USA

Hosted Call Center Solutions from BroadConnect Telecom USA

Infograph on Communication Cost Reduction Techniques for SMBs

The ultimate aim of any business organization is its growth. Business people are always in search of new trends and technologies that help to maximize their productivity and profitability while keeping their overall costs and expenses in control. There are several new business communication techniques that deliver huge profit and make the operations simpler.

Using cloud services that allows to host services in a network and shared by users anywhere in the world is the most widely accepted technique by business people all over the world. Nowadays modern communication infrastructure also includes unified communications architecture that is able to get all the communication needs together. Using new marketing strategies like advertising through social media such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc will enhance better attention of people for new products and services.

Communication Cost Reduction Ideas for SMBs

Communication Cost Reduction Techniques for SMBs

New Technologies in Business Phone Systems

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Business phone systems have a vital role in moulding the business communication infrastructure. The trends in phone systems are continuously changing as the business communication requirements change. People will always go behind newer cost effective phone systems to reduce their communication cost further more. When the existing phone systems become archaic, then enterprises will look for brand new phone systems having advanced features.

So as per modern businesses’ perspective, a business should stay on top of the newest trends in telephone technology. From the past few years significant changes are occurring in the business phone systems. Following are some of the expecting trends in business phone systems;

  • Hike in VoIP Users

VoIP or Voice over IP technology has been integrated with the business phone systems from many years ago. The current trend is to expand the use of VoIP technology to mobile users. Some recent surveys suggest that by the mid of 2014 the rate of mobile users will reach beyond 288 million and more than 50% of the mobile phone users will make calls through VoIP networks. It is also expecting that one-third of the mobile users will employ mobile VoIP with 3G MVNOs (Mobile Virtual Network Operators).

From this it is clear that VoIP in mobile devices will become the most preferred communication media in the coming days. Significant cost savings can be achieved through the integration of outside network applications from MVNOs to enable mobile users to make VoIP calls. This helps the users to reduce their communication because they are not using their actual phone networks.

This will considerably hikes the ease of long distance communications between consumers and businesses. The mobile VoIP services will not only allows the employees to keep a virtual connection with their desks phones but also allows the employees to enjoy all the enhanced advantages and features through a lower communication budget.

  • Inclusive Call Data Mining/Analytics

The complete telephony solutions designed to extract huge data for supporting businesses will make considerable developments in communications. Call data analytics in cloud telephony leads to the following discoveries such as;

1. The regions of company in which the call data analytics is applicable

2. The time of the day which yields the largest number of actual voice conversations.

3. Among which demographics this is applicable, etc.

A broad class of heavily relevant and potentially helpful call attributes and VoIP/Cloud telephony is available. They are looking for various ways to organize this huge data in a meaningful way for business.

  • Interactive Voice Broadcast Applications

Prevailing voice broadcast applications deal with a one-way calling method. Recently interactive voice broadcast applications are started to use. Using interactive options the voice broadcasts announcing promotions, service updates, specials, etc could be improved further. Interactive voice broadcast applications enable the clients to respond to notifications from the phone systems for more information. It also provides a better idea of which messages are more effective and to which demographics. Hence, the mobile broadcast applications will enhances the phone system technologies by integrating text and voice to take mass notifications to the next level.

From this, it is inferred that the usage of mobile phones and applications in businesses will widen the scope of developments in the business phone systems domain. A lot of companies are now developing varieties of mobile applications to reduce the huge phone bills and to make calls in a reasonable rate.

Technology is always used to simplify and improve the business service levels and business phone systems. The new technologies that are expected to integrate with the prevailing business phone systems will make new revolutions in the business communication fields.


Hosted PBX Trends in Business Communication

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Hosted PBX or Hosted VoIP PBX technology has made tremendous changes and improvements in the business communication fields. The face of the communication infrastructure has been changed by the implementation of Hosted PBX in businesses.

A lot of modifications and developments are occurring in the Hosted PBX technology solutions, and are mainly focusing on improving performance of the PBX by reducing the cost. As a result the Hosted PBX technology has become more feature-rich and cost effective. The Hosted PBX could considerably improve the pace at which the business processes are conducted and also could hike the economic standard of the businesses.


Hosted PBX Trends

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The Hosted PBX technology provides features and services which are far beyond the traditional PBX systems. The Hosted PBX services are more efficient than simple voice and SIP trunking and becoming the full Unified Communications solution. This promoted Hosted PBX technology as the smarter strategic play for SMBs.

Hosted PBX efficiently converges or integrates the data, voice and video communications over a single IP network. This feature of Hosted PBX improves the ability of users to share, discuss and to develop ideas with colleagues anywhere in the world. The recent standard communication environments combines worldwide telephone network, unified messaging capability, text-to-speech, voice mail, directory, presence, conferencing, address book, call management facilities, and many more. Enterprises could add voice to other IP-compliant applications which makes more flexible communication infrastructure.

The customer premise networks and service provider networks should be communicate well with each other while using the Hosted PBX technology. This can make a rise in the SMB network improvement projects and stronger drive for network maintenance and support outsourcing. The cloud-based services can provide more opportunities for service providers to help in extending their post-recession budgets. The VoIP technology along with the Hosted PBX services transforms the appeal of the business communications. The awesome benefits of the Hosted PBX systems can elevate the demand of these systems in the coming days. Since more and more companies are embracing the IP telephony, the hosted PBX systems will completely replace the traditional premise based telecommunication systems.

Telecommunication system is relying on Internet. Hence the voice, video and data will be handled by packet switching rather than circuit switching, which is a tedious task. These solutions will continue to enhance the way the SMBs carry out their businesses with lesser costs.

The Virtual PBX systems benefits the enterprises by providing features such as Auto Attendants, Call Return, Call Queue management, Call Conferencing, Professional Greetings, Unified Communications, Call logo management, Call transferring, and many more. Instead of providing a class of sophisticated call handling features, the services are also backed with round the clock monitoring, technical support and highest level of data security assured by the deployment of latest firewalls and data encryption methodologies.

Hosted PBX systems very well suits for the re mote employees of a business. It makes the remote employees work efficiently from any location and also allows them to have real time accessibility and collaboration among each other. As a result the concept of virtual offices improves business productivity and renovates the enterprise image.