Some Security Issues with Cloud PBX Phone Systems

security issues with cloud pbx copy


The emerging new trends in communication technology demands new trends in the industry. It’s late for your business to adapt to the new trends in the industry. The latest trends in communication field are such that they offer a reliable system with more mobility to work by staying connected with the employees wherever their locations are. Cloud based technologies offer a business enterprise to achieve all of its requirements along with attaining excellent productivity and efficiency.

Here are some of the possible threats involved in cloud based systems

There are many true benefits offered by cloud based PBX systems, and at the same time misunderstandings and risk concerns are also common. The first risk factor is the availability of electricity. Some business firms hesitate to try cloud based systems as the Internet or power outage problems can take down the whole system. Routers, computers and other networking devices works on electricity and so in the case of a power outage their working will be a disaster. As a solution for this condition, some service providers offer call re-routing facility which automatically redirects all the incoming calls to that centre to a pre-selected group of telephones to avoid interruption of the business communication process. Company’s can also save themselves from this situation by using power back up options to experience no interruptions in their service.

The heavy traffic of people trying to access the line at the same time is another risk to consider. It will affect the cloud services adversely, decreasing the quality of communication and also causes frequent interruptions in the service. The factors which have a direct impact on your call quality are: local network that you are using, the Internet connection and the type of router device. Quality of all these factors will decide the quality of communication. Service providers should give instructions to their subscribers about how to check the quality of service on individual routers.

The next risk factor is voice quality. It’s an important factor that every business people consider while selecting a service provider. Service that provides close to crystal-clear clarity with uninterrupted call service is the best option. The selection of most appropriate phone system allows you to communicate effectively. Some service provider offer separate lines for voice and data communications which provides excellent voice clarity. Usage of high speed DSL, cable or fibre optic connection with dedicated upload and download bandwidth for voice can boost up your systems to provide consistent call quality.

Selecting the most appropriate service provider is another risk factor. The best service provider can provide you the best services that meet your requirements. To obtain success for both the parties, there should be a trusting working relationship between them. The requirements of the company should be efficiently presented to the service provider early on. As more and more companies are moving towards cloud systems today, the number of service providers is also increasing. Select providers who have quality customer service, good references and high success rates, strong internal managements and free of threats.

Most customers take steps to mitigate these risks, by performing extensive evaluations, analyst reports, consultants, reference checks, and evaluation committees and so on. If an organization can’t reduce the frequency of travelling, then video conferencing option can be avoided. If the collaboration tools are very complicated, move to a different solution. Find new APIs if the current ones are too restrictive. When the service providers fail in dealing with the risk factors, swiftly move to new providers. In cloud based communication technology the buyer is actually shifting the responsibility for actual results for the provider.

The popularity of cloud based phone systems are improving day-by-day. New technology researches are also taking place in the field of cloud computing. With cloud based solutions the customer is legally protected from the toll fraud attempts as it’s the duty of the service provider to protect the PBX system. Benefits outweigh the risks in the case of a cloud based communication system. Cloud based systems can integrate with current and future systems and allows the business to operate at enterprise level regardless of outside influences and impacts.


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