The Future Trends of Business Technologies

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The business environments and the nature of business activities are changing day by day. As a result the old and prevailing technologies are not sufficient to meet the changing requirements of the businesses. Hence more and more new technologies are essential to meet the modernized demands of both the businesses and the customers.

Today, businesses of all size require their own specific technologies and platforms to get on the top of their competitors. Day by day technologies are advancing and hence the people are expecting more enhanced technologies in future. Some of the trends that will emerge in the nearby future to boost up the business technologies are as follows;

  • Desktop as a Service

An emerging trend is using desktop as a service. Most of the companies that handle huge volumes of data require hosting a complete IT infrastructure of a firm on secure and custom designed server farms. In such companies, the staff’s data will also be housed on these servers along with the data housed on the networks. Desktop-as-a-Service concept arises here. This service ensures to tie up the key parts of workstation experiences with the ability to access anything from anywhere easily.

In the prevailing system, the workers carry out their tasks and access company documents usually from their desks in the office, laptops or net-books while travelling, or by logging into the company network from other compatible personal devices.

In future, this approach will change. With proper security, large networks of virtual desktops will be hosted on centrally located servers mange and run by trained professionals. This will allow the employees to log in from the location they prefer, using the device they prefer with unbelievable security and capacity for collaboration.

Using Desktop-as-a-Service, the business gets benefits such as easier global distribution of workforce, improved telecommuting possibilities, continual cost-effective upgrades of computing power, etc.

  • Advanced Analytics

The efficiency and capacity to analyse data increases in speed and relevance since the computing power and information is kept in the same server farms.

In the existing model, the information will be collected on a limited range to assist individual reports or to inform individual decisions. In this case, the data analysis is done based on the information gleaned from conscious customer responses.

In future, the exponential growth in computing power and connectivity will provide real-time analysis of huge volumes of data comprising of metadata and case studies.

As a result your business gets the following benefits; instant and direct access to precisely defined data while making major decisions, brainstorming process with statistical modelling, the real possibility of Artificial Intelligence miracle, etc.

  • Hangouts and Helpouts

Social media and networking sites introduce more awesome features for user interactions and communications. The video communication tools of Google have become more robust. These newer proven reliable and dependable video communication tools are specifically developed for business applications. These tools provide competitive offerings and more profitability.

Nowadays, the integral tools to facilitate collaborations are limited to face-to-face meetings and teleconferences.

In the near future, video chats (hangouts) and broadcast capability will be attached to set of production, productivity and collaboration tools. The Helpout feature of Google adds a clock attached to a payment processing service that bills clients by the hour at the end of the call.

Hangouts and Helpouts provide the business the following benefits; real-time meetings across the globe, virtual conferences through broadcasting at announced times, connecting with clients across boundaries at lower rates, etc.

These are some of the awesome trends that are expecting to scale more in the nearby future in the business technologies.



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