How VoIP Services Helps to Expand your Small Business

VoIP helps to expand business


Emergence of digital communication tools has made the communication costs much lower than the previous years. Now variety of advanced features and services are available at affordable costs. A successful business requires full attention and the ability to communicate without interruption at lower cost. When a Hosted PBX system is used with business VoIP, then your staff and clients will be able to communicate without the distraction of a low quality phone system or one with very few features.

VoIP when compared with legacy traditional landlines

VoIP calls are transmitted over the Internet. As a result it charges low cost for domestic as well as international calls. VoIP phone numbers are not fixed to a specific location. Using VoIP services, employees can communicate with each other in different communication modes bridging the gap between team members who work from different locations. VoIP service providers also offer the facility to manage the features, services and upgrades through online web based management portals. VoIP is more beneficial than traditional phone systems in terms of cost, reliability, scalability and its advanced features.

How VoIP helps to expand your business?

As the business expands it will need to satisfy the continually expanding needs. In the case of small businesses, communication facilities often become a stumbling block that hinders expansion. VoIP phone systems considerable reduces the communication costs, minimizes the relocation downtime, enables the employees to attend the increasing call traffic, enables remote workers to work from distant locations etc. VoIP is being taken as a seriously emerging business communication technology.

Within a few years VoIP will become the dominant telephony service used by business organizations. More number of businesses of all sizes is migrating to VoIP as their main communication tool. Many businesses are unaware of the attractive benefits of VoIP. Small business owners that successfully switched to VoIP services may find some of the following reasons that the new phone service benefits their company:

  • Mobility

VoIP allows the employees to work from anywhere out of the office, without the worry of missing important calls from clients. Most VoIP service providers provide mobility services on a single registered identity regardless of the location or network connection of the user.

  • Business Growth

Adding new extensions is really easy with a VoIP system which can be done immediately through online portal of the service provider. The system is designed in a way to help for the expansion of your business quickly and more effectively at minimal expenses.

  • Improves Business Productivity

VoIP services allow the employees to perform multiple tasks without interruptions and thus increases the overall productivity of an organization. The main problem with earlier VoIP versions was its call quality. But the advancements in VoIP technology has made it more appealing to businesses who do not want to deal with bugs like voice distortions, transmission delays, dropped calls etc.

  • VoIP Presents Cheap User Hardware And Software

The only hardware equipment required for VoIP installation besides your computer and Internet connection are a sound card, speaker and a microphone. There are software’s like Skype, which are freely available on the Internet that supports Internet telephony.

  • Money saver

As workers can communicate from separate locations or even from home, a company can drastically reduce the money it needs to spend on transportation costs. With VoIP technology there are no roaming charges. It allows remote employees to connect with their co-workers or clients at local rates even if they are travelling inside or outside their country.

Migration towards a reputable VoIP service boosts up the interaction with customers and increases the potential to sustain small business growth. Savings and efficiency are the leading considerations for a business VoIP phone system. BroadConnect, America’s fastest growing VoIP service provider is designed to help small and mid-sized businesses to have an enterprise level system to stay competitive with their opponents.


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