New Technologies in Business Phone Systems

ip pbx phone systems


Business phone systems have a vital role in moulding the business communication infrastructure. The trends in phone systems are continuously changing as the business communication requirements change. People will always go behind newer cost effective phone systems to reduce their communication cost further more. When the existing phone systems become archaic, then enterprises will look for brand new phone systems having advanced features.

So as per modern businesses’ perspective, a business should stay on top of the newest trends in telephone technology. From the past few years significant changes are occurring in the business phone systems. Following are some of the expecting trends in business phone systems;

  • Hike in VoIP Users

VoIP or Voice over IP technology has been integrated with the business phone systems from many years ago. The current trend is to expand the use of VoIP technology to mobile users. Some recent surveys suggest that by the mid of 2014 the rate of mobile users will reach beyond 288 million and more than 50% of the mobile phone users will make calls through VoIP networks. It is also expecting that one-third of the mobile users will employ mobile VoIP with 3G MVNOs (Mobile Virtual Network Operators).

From this it is clear that VoIP in mobile devices will become the most preferred communication media in the coming days. Significant cost savings can be achieved through the integration of outside network applications from MVNOs to enable mobile users to make VoIP calls. This helps the users to reduce their communication because they are not using their actual phone networks.

This will considerably hikes the ease of long distance communications between consumers and businesses. The mobile VoIP services will not only allows the employees to keep a virtual connection with their desks phones but also allows the employees to enjoy all the enhanced advantages and features through a lower communication budget.

  • Inclusive Call Data Mining/Analytics

The complete telephony solutions designed to extract huge data for supporting businesses will make considerable developments in communications. Call data analytics in cloud telephony leads to the following discoveries such as;

1. The regions of company in which the call data analytics is applicable

2. The time of the day which yields the largest number of actual voice conversations.

3. Among which demographics this is applicable, etc.

A broad class of heavily relevant and potentially helpful call attributes and VoIP/Cloud telephony is available. They are looking for various ways to organize this huge data in a meaningful way for business.

  • Interactive Voice Broadcast Applications

Prevailing voice broadcast applications deal with a one-way calling method. Recently interactive voice broadcast applications are started to use. Using interactive options the voice broadcasts announcing promotions, service updates, specials, etc could be improved further. Interactive voice broadcast applications enable the clients to respond to notifications from the phone systems for more information. It also provides a better idea of which messages are more effective and to which demographics. Hence, the mobile broadcast applications will enhances the phone system technologies by integrating text and voice to take mass notifications to the next level.

From this, it is inferred that the usage of mobile phones and applications in businesses will widen the scope of developments in the business phone systems domain. A lot of companies are now developing varieties of mobile applications to reduce the huge phone bills and to make calls in a reasonable rate.

Technology is always used to simplify and improve the business service levels and business phone systems. The new technologies that are expected to integrate with the prevailing business phone systems will make new revolutions in the business communication fields.



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