Wearable Technologies – Opens the Door to Next Generation Technologies

wearable tech


Unbelievable advancements and changes are occurring in technology every day. The wide class of advancements are changing the pace of telecommunication world into an extreme level. An awesome and attractive change occurred in the technology is by the emergence of the ‘wearable technology’.

Wearable Technology and its Purpose

Wearable technology is a new class of technology which includes devices or gadgets that humans can wear in their body like ornaments. The wearable technology is actually a more fashionable means to communicate, compute, and to do business. Hence these devices are also known as fashionable technology or fashion electronics. People wear this category of devices in this fast moving world to instantly and quickly meet their requirements concerning both their personal and professional life. The major purposes for wearing such gadgets include;

  • To track the information regarding the health and fitness of people
  • Devices with small motion sensors are used to take photos of real life and to sync with your mobile devices
  • To communicate through a convenient and flexible way, e.g.; Bluetooth headsets and other gadgets
  • To enable searches based on images taken by handheld devices, e.g.; Google Goggles
  • For entertainments and other amusements , etc

Features and Benefits

The wearable gadgets or devices are actually small electronic technologies which can perform the same grade of computing and communication tasks like any other mobile devices or computers. In some situations it is seemed that these wearable devices show outstanding performance compared with the other common handheld or mobile devices.

Nowadays the wearable technologies are becoming more and more sophisticated and dependent than the prevailing mobile devices. This is because the wearable gadgets offer enhanced sensory and scanning features that are available with the current mobile and laptop devices. For example, tracking, sensing and analyzing the biological & physiological functions of human body, providing biofeedback, etc are possible through the mobile devices available today.

The wearable gadgets are also capable of providing user-friendly and convenient communication media. This allows the person wearing this gadget to easily access real-time information. The small and weightless design & architecture of the wearable electronics make them easier for wearing and handling. Other important features of the wearable technology are the data-input capabilities and the local storage capacity.

Wearable technologies are now widely using in almost all fields since they provide a better and convenient means to handle human needs. The common application fields of wearable technologies consists of health & medicine, fitness & aging, disabilities, education, finance, enterprise & businesses, military & defense, security, communication, transportation, entertainments like gaming & music and many more. The excellence of wearable devices in these fields is shown by smoothly integrating the functional, portable electronics and computers into the daily lives of humans.

The wearable devices were initially used in military technology as a secured means for dealing with confidential data and signals. Ahead of the presence of wearable devices in the current market, they have a great role in the field of healthcare and medicine. The devices such as Wearable Motherboards or Smart Shirts can unobtrusively monitor the health and physical conditions of the patients. They also can monitor the vital signals and send the biofeedback information to hub station in real time.


wearable headband

Fig 2 : Headband – a wearable gadget

Most remarkable examples of wearable gadgets available today are; glasses or goggles, contact lenses, watches, e-textiles & smart fabrics, headbands, bracelets & wrist bands, rings, hearing aid devices like earrings and studs, etc.

The augmented reality and wearable technology can be integrated to provide a better realistic and immersive environment in real time. In spite of the benefits the wearable technology shower on the humans, it gives the youth a sophisticated and stylish means to enhance the technological features of modern trendy life. This newer class of wearable technology undoubtedly opens the door to next generation technologies by changing the technological and cultural landscapes of our life.


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