Top Trends and Developments of Unified Communications


Fig 1: An Overview of Unified Communication (UC) System


The Unified Communications (UC) provides a platform in which the users can make use of various communication technologies to renovate their business processes and services. The UC solutions combine the real-time and non real-time communication services and tools to a single integrated platform to provide more effective and comprehensive communication experiences for businesses.

The Unified Communication services rely upon the Internet, and it delivers various techniques to optimize the business processes and services. UC is considered as the future of web conferencing consisting of voice and video. The current relevance of UC in communication sector shows that the Unified communication technology will expand more in future with the advancement of telecom industry. The key feature of UC is that it offers real-time communications beyond the limitations of the devices and the media used for collaboration.  

The modern telecommunication world is drifting towards Cloud and UC solutions to open the new doors of business communication advancements. This will unwrap the opportunities by integrating text, voice, video, images, etc with the cloud technology. Let’s have a look on the latest trends and developments that occurred with the Unified Communication (UC) technology.


  • Communication in multiple ways

UC offers you various ways to communicate with multiple people at the same time. The basic forms of UC are the conference calling, group chats or messages, etc with a group of people in real time. Later, these simple forms of UC services are extended to include videos, images, presentation and even live web conferences with people across the world instantly. The integration of different types of media elements into a single unified platform makes the communication more effective and flexible. The development of technologies changed the type and features of devices used for deploying UC solutions such as from desktops to laptops, tablets, smart phones, Android, iPhones, etc. The awesome features of the devices used along with the Cloud technology showers unbelievable coverage and benefits for communication beyond the continents.  

  • Real-time Telepresence

The power of Unified Communication is well understood from telecommuters. The telecommuters are a remote workforce who travels around the globe forming a crucial section of the business organization. This remote workforce will work while they travel thus continues their businesses. In spite of their physical locations, the telecommuters require a direct line of contact with their employees, colleagues, and clients. UC provides all time services to its users, that is, it offers 24 x 7 connectivity to share and collaborate with multiple users in real-time. The users at the remote locations can keep a virtual telepresence via voice and video calls, emails, faxes, voice-mails, etc by giving the feel that they are working right from their desk to their customers.

  • Cost-free infrastructure

A major advantage of Unified Communications is that it doesn’t incur extra expense from users for purchasing and maintaining IT infrastructure. This frees up the users from worrying about bulky equipment, complex connections, storage space and technical team to run and manage it. This hardware-free and cost-free UC not only makes the business economical but also easy to manage and maintain.

  • Mobile Applications

The mobile applications have given greater accessibility to UC services and solutions. Nowadays people are widely using soft-phones and other mobile applications for Android, iPhone, Blackberry, tablets, netbooks, etc. In the modern technological life ipads, netbooks and smart phones have greater influence in both the personal and professional life. Hence new products and solutions are created to access the multimedia through UC. Any mode of communication such as voice, video, text, etc can be carried out through mobile software applications.

The Unified Communication has marked a remarkable place in the heart of modern business communication field. The mark will become deeper in the coming days since UC has undergoing remarkable renovations and developments. 



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