SIP Trunking Renovates the Unified Communications


Fig 1: Unified Communication with SIP Trunking Technology

Technologies are undergoing changes every day. Development of newer technologies as well as the integration of existing ones helps to hike the benefits and features of communication infrastructure. Communication system in all fields, especially in business sector, demands some thrilling technological integrations to improve the communication flexibility and quality.

Unified Communications in Businesses

Unified Communication (UC) is actually the combination of various real-time services to improve the business processes. UC integrates the diverse modes of communication and thus makes the communication connectivity and collaboration easier. The key benefit of using Unified Communications (UC) is to increase the workspace flexibility by combining independent and unconnected communication channels, and thus providing a consistent experience over multiple communication channels.

UC delivers a lot of benefits to businesses in various aspects of communication and business activities.

  • UC improves the connectivity with an enterprise – by supporting the connection of multiple communications channels delivers seamless connectivity and thus makes the business more effective and painless for employees. The collaboration of IM chats and emails into phone calls and web conferences helps the employees to reduce their time and effort.
  • Saves cost – the effective use of UC technology can save the cost of enterprise considerably. The travel expenditure and time can be eliminated by using voice and video conferencing effectively. This strategy not only saves cost but also develops flexible and productive organizations.
  • Collaboration – unifying diverse modes of communications provides information and resource sharing features. This makes the employees more productive and helps in faster decision –making.
  • Better customer experience – UC can make positive experience in customers by cutting down the waiting time and delivering faster responses.


Though UC has many merits, advancement in technologies and faster business growth demands more enhancements in Unified Communications. One of the best technologies to boost up the merits of UC is the SIP trunking technology.


The Emergence of SIP trunking

Though UC connects different employees and improves productivity, it is not so efficient in lowering costs. The business extension and the expansion of UC services also seem to be very costly and inefficient.

SIP Trunking, refers to Session Initiation Protocol trunking, is an efficient technology for overcoming these issues. In SIP trunking, the Session Initiation Protocol is used to connect the internal company IP-PBX to the traditional enterprise PSTN networks for enabling communication over IP.

The technology of SIP trunking is enriched with lots of benefits. It includes the following;

  1. SIP trunking eliminates expensive BRIs, PRIs, gateways, etc.
  2. It incurs very low implementation costs as well as incremental costs for new connections.
  3. SIP trunking provides high cost efficiency by providing effective call routing and call management.
  4. Optimizes the communication bandwidth by allowing the transmission of both voice and data over same connection.
  5. Easier to maintain and manage.
  6. Provides better business continuity facilities.

SIP Trunking with Unified Communications

SIP trunking technology optimizes the value or importance of Unified Communications set up of an enterprise, by switching all sorts of business communications to Internet. Through the implementation of SIP trunking, a business can leverage its VoIP PBX investment and hence improves business productivity.

The deployment of the Unified Communications (UC) along with SIP Trunking uplifts the customer experience management to a higher level. UC has greater influence in the day to day business activities and operations. For example, a client who drafts email to customer service section can view the present status of customer service rep to be online and thus can make an online chat with the person. Also the call button on the chat can be used to speak with the customer care executive directly.

The above processes can be carried out more conveniently since the SIP trunking can connect the external PSTN directly with the internal PBX. This also provides efficient and seamless means to communicate. The customers will get a positive and superior experience since they need not have to search for additional contact methodologies to communicate with the enterprise.

The communication protocol SIP provides greater flexibility and durability for UC services and thus makes UC more scalable and feature-rich. SIP trunking provides more reliable and future –proof communication network for business through the use of relevant security measures.

We can undoubtedly say that, SIP trunking along with Unified Communications will be the next biggest leap for future business communication enhancement.


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