Seven Current Trends in Cloud Computing

nextgov-medium   The worldwide communication system got new face through the technology of cloud computing. As days passing, the demands for cloud services and solutions are keep on increasing. The emergence of cloud technology has made unbelievable revolutions in the business communication field. The surveys so far, show that about 60 % of the small-to-mid sized businesses around the world are communicating within the range of cloud technology. Gradually this rate will reach to 100 %. Cloud is changing continually and hence advanced technologies are emerging day by day. Let’s overview some of the latest trends in cloud computing.

  • BYOD The BYOD refers to Bring Your Own Device concept. The BYOD concept brings more relevance for cloud computing nowadays because the majority of the consumer electronics in the world are mobile devices. As the name implies, BYOD asks the employees to bring their personal devices into the work-space for communication and work. That is, the mobile devices of end users can be connected with the cloud services for streaming, storage and syncing. This helps the workers to put more data of their own into the personal cloud services. It requires the IT departments to find some methods to integrate personal cloud services for the workers in a BYOD environment with tools such as Mobile Device Management.
  • Hybrid Clouds A hybrid cloud is a newer concept of combining private and public cloud features. That is, Hybrid clouds provide a communication infrastructure that integrates the private cloud security with cost-effective, powerful and scalable public cloud attributes. More personalized solution choices will be enjoyed by the IT professionals while the security experts and huge data advocates have to satisfy with the available ones. More and more enterprises are likely to adopt the cloud deployment model as the hybrid models become the hybrid models become the mainstream. The proper deployment and use of hybrid clouds can double the communication features.
  • Huge Data Analytics The integration of big data analytics with cloud computing can deliver more benefits to organizations and provide them a much simpler cloud model. This is somewhat similar to the public and private cloud model debate. The coming years will change the big data analytics as a service. This will provide easily attainable and scalable tool for all size businesses to compete in the global markets.
  • PaaS PaaS stands for Platform-as-a-Service. PaaS solutions allow the businesses to minimize their IT costs by improving application development using more efficient testing and deployment methods. It has been expecting that by 2017 the PaaS market is anticipated to expand from $3.7 billion to $14 billion worldwide.
  • Graphics as a service The coming years will turn graphics and associated data into a relevant service. Currently, to run high-end graphics applications adequate investment on hardware infrastructure is required.  Cloud computing is gradually changing this scenario. A lot of new cloud-based graphics technologies from renowned graphics companies like NVIDIA, AMD, etc are emerging. They will enable end-users to run high-end graphic design applications with a simple HTML5 web browser.
  • Identity Management & Protection Security is a major issue concerned with Cloud computing because cloud has a lot of limitations in providing better security for communication. Security becomes crucial when businesses move more information and data into cloud servers. Hence, continuous researches are undergoing in various areas for resolving the security issues of cloud computing. As a result, it is expecting that the coming years will bring identity management solutions based on cloud security paradigms. Hope these measures can protect the personal information within a cloud environment.
  • Web-powered Apps The key features of cloud computing is the efficiency and scalability. These features lead to the development of cloud-based applications that are compatible with multiple platforms. These apps can offer more enhanced features to the communication and computing systems. Using with cutting edge initiatives the Internet will become the main platform for these applications.

The above trends are quiet interesting that they will renovate the overall features and benefits of cloud computing in the nearby future.    


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