Major Trends that are Expected to Renovate Telecom in 2014



Like any other industry, the Telecom industry is also doing continuous researches to excavate the latest trendy technologies to renovate the industry. Several stylish technologies are emerging day by day, and the telecom industrialists integrate these upcoming technologies with their products and services to make some revolutions in the markets.

In this year 2014, everyone is expecting much from the telecom industry because today phones have become the building blocks of human life. It’s true that no one in this modern world can think about a moment without having mobile phones or tabs in their hands.

Some trendy strategies are there to hike the Telecom culture and also some trendy technologies are there. Some of the relevant and interesting telecom business trends of 2014 include;

  • Extended Cloud Technology

    As days passing, the technologies are becoming a part of every initiative. Huge volumes of data processing & storing, gamification, social networking, context marketing, data analytics machine learning, collaboration of remote people, business continuity and accessibility, etc are purely technology based. All these applications can be better managed and monitored in a cloud environment.

    The cloud technology will be in the conversation of every new database initiative. Most of the companies are purchasing computers & services and are switching to newer computing processes and services. Many of the Web services provide easy and inexpensive testing, implementation and scaling for computing, processing, and storage needs.

    The carriers are giving emphasis on the cross selling cloud services. The expansion of cloud services due to the rapid growth, attractive features, margins, & benefits of the cloud services. In the coming years, the companies will move the critical IT infrastructure completely to the cloud-based solutions. Enhanced cloud connectivity will drive some revenue growth in VPN and Ethernet services. The extended cloud technology will shift the standard of telecom industry to a higher level in the coming year.

  • 4G Deployment and LTE-Advanced

    4g lte free
    The 4G (Fourth Generation) deployment along with advanced-LTE (Long-Term-Evolution) is one among the hopeful technological trends of 2014 for the telecom industry. In the last year, the adoption of LTE has seen in some parts of the world, but it is expected to get more popularity and acceptance in 2014. The 2G and 3G network traffic will extensively reduce in this year and more priority will be given for LTE. The reduced spectrum rate of legacy systems and the growing rate of LTE subscribers depict the fact that in the coming year legacy networks will be completely replaced by the LTE. The wider acceptance of LTE and the deployment of 4G (Fourth Generation) networks are expected to enhance the productivity of Telecom industry considerably.

  • VoLTE – Voice over LTE

    VoLTE will become a more crucial technology for telecom industries in 2014. This realization and acceptance Voice over LTE technology will definitely make a revolution in the mobile voice services. In spite of the services or applications that we use today, VoLTE provides a better quality, comprehensive and less individually compartmentalized service. It will give users a new conversation experience and hence will be a huge migration path for operators.

    The HD voice quality can be given to your calls within your network and also additional services can be added to VoLTE calls by the operators. Customer experiences can be improved further by providing Web real-time communications with better security.

  • Wireline

    In this year, vectoring will take off in Europe as fiber reaches a critical density. Cross-talks within a mass of copper lines can be removed through vectoring, and allows true potential of VDSL2 and G.Fast technologies. Wireline actually refers to an area which should not be underestimated. The Wireline operators will be able to maximize the existing copper investments and can optimize the broadband speeds.

  • NFV

    NFV refers to Network Functions Virtualization is also a hopeful area for telecom in the coming year. As the name implies, NFV supports the virtualization of components allowing a reliable and flexible infrastructure which takes care of the shift of applications and services to the cloud. NFA provides more efficiency and agility to networks and businesses operations. It also assists dynamic subscriber demands in a cost-effective manner. The SDN techniques have a major role for service roll-out flexibility.

A wide range of technologies are emerging nowadays with a view of revolutionizing the Telecom industry. Above are only a few among them. Let’s hope this year will be a milestone for the telecom companies to renovate their business profitability.


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