Why is Business VOIP accessible and affordable for any Business?

voip_affordablity and accessibility


Adopting VoIP phone services is an easy way to save money on monthly communication charges for your home or business. VoIP services are accessed via Internet, which most businesses already have in place. An enterprise with a fair Internet connection can get a reliable and high quality VoIP service. VoIP offers extremely low cost telephony solution that is very important in today’s economy. But the up-front costs for buying new VoIP enabled business phone systems can be an issue for small business owners. The move towards hosted PBX systems which eliminates the need for buying and maintaining of expensive hardware can solve this issue and can help small business people to try the excellent features of VoIP.

Why VoIP is said to be affordable?

VoIP communication services provide immense cost saving benefits compared to traditional phone systems. As all modern businesses already have access to the internet, the migration to VoIP is very easy. Hosted VoIP services provides a fully automated call answering and routing facilities that can be installed up and running in a matter of few minutes. It doesn’t require buying and maintaining costly hardware equipments in the office. The advanced features and upgradations from the service provider can help the business to stay competitive and can focus more on serving the best to their customers. It allows the employees the freedom to choose any IP enabled device of their choice and can access all the advanced features that they offer from anywhere in the world.

VoIP requires few to no additional equipments installations, and switching to VoIP is as easy as plugging in and powering on. VoIP allows for calls to be made at a small monthly fee throughout the country at an affordable calling plans and it usually have very low rates for international calls. It’s a great advantage for customers and business enterprises that look for cutting down their call costs.

The affordability of VoIP depends on the services offered by the broadband provider. So the availability of an affordable broadband service is an important issue to be considered while migrating to VoIP from traditional phone services. 90kbps upload and download speed is a minimum requirement for accessing VoIP services using your internet connection. If the desktop computers are used for browsing the web and for accessing VoIP services, then you may require more bandwidth to function in-order to handle data and voice requirements separately.

The accessibility of VoIP

Accessibility is the process of enabling hardware, software and services to be used by people or enterprises either directly or collaborating with other technologies. VoIP is a highly decentralized technology with low up-front costs for its installation. VoIP features can be added at any point which encourages rapid innovation in products and services and at the same time reduces the costs. VoIP is a promising technology which can provide new benefits which are not possible by the legacy phone networks. VoIP has the ability to collaborate voice, data and video services into one application which makes it applicable for the VoIP service providers to include the accessibility service which were not previously available.

Separate voice and data communication lines in VoIP can provide clear audio communications possible for people who are hard of hearing which is beyond the capabilities of a legacy PSTN. Video calling facility in VoIP enables communication through sign language possible.           Softphones can be customized easily and cheaply to take the advantage of accessibility features in the PC such as text-to-speech for audible caller ID & message waiting indication. It allows simultaneous transmission of information to customers in form of text, audio and video for making its services accessible to people with disabilities.

The acceptance of Voice over IP as a mainstream business communication technology by enterprises is occuring at an increasing rate. VoIP companies have already taken many innovative steps to make their services affordable and accessible.



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