Various Ways to Save Money with Hosted PBX


In today’s expensive world, people are continuously looking for cost-effective and cheaper means of communication technologies and services. Not only in the communication field, but also in each and every field people are developing newer strategies to reduce cost and expenses. This is so because; nowadays everyone is thirsting for money and nothing else. Hence the one who can save the more can survive in the best ways.

Considering the business sector, more money is spent for the business communications. Hence, more demand is for cost-effective business communication technologies. One of the most cost reducing communication technologies prevailing nowadays is the Hosted PBX technology.

Hosted PBX which relies upon the VoIP (Voice over IP) technology offers many diverse ways to save money. The VoIP benefits such as extreme reduction of phone costs, improved efficiency, enhanced functionalities, lower labour charges and time, etc help users to make more revenue by avoiding overheads and stress. Since Hosted PBX is a VoIP service, the Hosted PBX offers all the benefits and features of VoIP along with some additional advantages.

Cost Reduction Using Hosted PBX

The Hosted PBXs offered by VoIP providers enables the companies to save money by enjoying a better quality phone service. The best ways through which a Hosted PBX can save business money include the following;

  • Cheaper Phone Bills

    VoIP technology reduces phone bills considerably. Hosted PBX which uses the VoIP Internet phone services allows the companies to reduce their monthly phone bills to a considerable amount. The reduction of phone bills is achieved because the calls are transmitted through the private Internet connection of the VoIP service provider instead of public networks. Making telephone calls over Internet allows the users to make long distance calls at local rates. Most of the VoIP providers offer unlimited business calls over a particular region and some gives free calls and offer calls. As a result, the hosted PBX phone systems and VoIP services reduces the business communication costs and phone bills to an unbelievable range.

  • Scalable Extensions

    The Hosted PBXs support dynamic business expansions and connection extensions. A PBX can connect any number of lines to any number of connections. Therefore adding of new connections and removal of existing ones will never incur high costs for the companies. The company only has to pay for what it is using at any given time. This flexibility of Hosted PBX systems allows the business to scale up or down at any time without worrying about the PBX system modifications and upgrades. PBX services changes silently as the business changes and hence no connections or calls are lost. PBX system upgrades are efficiently done through a mere software modification or online system modification and it will be carried out by the assigned technician. It avoids the time and overheads of system modifications from the company.

  • Convenient Remote Working

    VoIP services in businesses provide many telecommuting facilities. The Hosted PBX services such as Instant Messaging, IP video conferencing, IP faxing, Web services and SMS services, etc allow the workers and employers to connect and communicate in spite of their physical locations. This helps to provide a virtual environment for communication among the workers which gives the same feel of a real-time communication. The availability of VoIP services on mobile devices such as Smart-Phones, Tabs, etc allow the telecommuters to take their work anywhere they travel and thus continue their business efficiently.

  • Maintenance

    A striking feature of the Hosted PBX is the off-site management of the PBX hardware. Installing and maintaining PBX on your work-site will be very expensive and cumbersome. The installation costs, constant maintenance fees, labour charges, space for server and hardware set up, power for its operations, etc of the company can be avoided through the Hosted PBX services. In this case, the PBX will be hosted off-site by the VoIP service provider. The users or companies only have to pay low monthly fees as service charges for VoIP service providers and this will be very low compared with the on-site PBX management expenses.

  • Cheaper Remote Office Locations

    The hosted PBX will efficiently connect all the offices of a client company even if it has offices/branches remote locations. This means that no separate device is required for each and every office location. The actual VoIP hardware can be easily expanded to any range which only incurs affordable monthly fees.

In short, the Hosted PBX solutions and services deliver companies enhanced business phone services at very low rates. Businesses are heading towards this newer Internet calling technology since it can turn the business economically feasible.


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