The Advantages of SIP Enabled VoIP Technology in Businesses


The emergence of VoIP (Voice over Inter Protocol) technology has shifted the prevailing business environments to a newer level. The emergence of the technological services such as integrated voice & email, instant messaging, follow me services, etc provided the employees a more convenient and effective environment for communications. It changed the face and demands of the existing business communication environments. To meet the requirements of the changing business environments, converged data-and-voice networks based on SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) are deployed into businesses.

As the name implies, the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) is used to initiate and control the business communication sessions. SIP laid the foundation for developing converged networks which supports the seamless integration of traditional voice networks, email, World Wide Web (WWW) with the next generation communication technologies.

The reliability and availability have become crucial factors in business communication as the businesses start to hike their use and reliance on converged network services. Hence businesses turned towards SIP-based Voice over IP (VoIP) networks. The SIP enabled VoIP networks help the businesses to explore the various features and benefits of both SIP and VoIP technologies in their business communication.

Benefits of SIP enabled VoIP

The service providers will standardize the SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) over their VoIP communications systems to inter-operate other vendors, work-sites, etc.

  • Unified Communications

    In spite of the location and expertise, the employees are equally accessible across multimodal communications. The SIP enabled VoIP brings in expert help in the right way without digging through the layers of communication hand-offs.

  • Virtualized connections

    A striking feature of all VoIP based solutions is the offsite management of the PBX hardware. That is, the company doesn’t require installing the expensive hardware at their work-sites instead they are managed by the service providers at their sites. This virtualized PBX enables the company to turn on and manage communication services dynamically at any location, even at home offices.

  • Presence

    SIP enabled VoIP communication solutions always shows the availability of employees to customers. The employees will be available at all time and it avoids the need for manual employee availability checks such as enquiry calls. The online presence of employees can be seen through blinking of the “I’m available” icon on a web page, email or calendar.

  • Deploy the best SIP solution

    The SIP enabled VoIP enables you to integrate the best available SIP-enabled solution for your communication. Hence you no longer have to depend on someone else’s communication protocol.

  • Multimedia

    The use of multimedia in communication helps to convey information more clearly and effectively. It supports visual communications along with voice and text.

The SIP enabled VoIP technology allows a business to open itself by virtualizing operations, reduces the communications to a great extend, increases the flexibility & reliability of the system, elevates the overall efficiency of the business communication system, etc.

Moreover the implementation of the SIP enabled VoIP solutions on your business will increase your voice network’s uptime, and lowers the costs related with the downtime by preventing the outages. Thus the changing business communication environments can be more productive and efficient through the SIP enabled VoIP technology.


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