Major Reasons Why Cloud is More Secure for Your Business



The term ‘Cloud’ has given newer meaning for technology. Cloud which relied upon VoIP technology has attained worldwide popularity within a short span of time. The wide acceptance of Cloud technology proves its efficiency and flexibility in business communications.

A striking feature of cloud technology is its ability to provide better security for business communications in spite of the server location.

Security with Lower Costs

Security is of a great concern nowadays. Hence the security systems implementations and services incur high costs. Security activities require more time and labour effort. Continuous monitoring and management of systems against insecure applications and programs need more attention and hence it slows down the other works. Defending against malware and the continuous security patches and updates seems to be very expensive. In addition to this, the security appliances, security services and security software cost too high.

A wiser option to enhance better security with affordable costs is the migration of your business towards cloud. The cloud frees you from taking care of the business security concerns by giving the entire responsibility of the system security to the service provider. Moreover, cloud technology incurs lower costs compared with traditional security applications. The significant cost savings of cloud in providing expected security and privacy for the business makes it a fast growing technology.

Security against Large Volumes of Threats

Surveys based on current status of Information Technology states that the cyber crimes are doubling day by day. The cyber-criminals have become more sophisticated and experienced through the use of social media and other web services. In business scenario, the large volumes of cyber threats will lead to the loss of bulk volumes of data cause financial and reputation damage. It incurs costs such as costs of alerting or notifying customers regarding the threats, litigation, revenue lost from customers who want to leave the victimized company, lost goodwill and reputation, fines or penalties assessed for regulated companies.

The complexity and volume of security threats and costs grow rapidly as days pass. The complexity of threats can be dealt with qualifying IT staffs to detect and resolve security issues. The cloud security vendors, emphasis more on data security and continually update their services to provide maximum protection. The technically expertise team of Cloud security vendors, learn and copy the tricks adopted by cyber-criminals and the tactics for resolving them. In most cases, the companies have to hire a professional for protecting the company by ensuring data security. To a good extend, Cloud could handle and secure your business confidential data and information.

Secure Development Life-cycles

Cloud provides more secure development life-cycles for business system. Cloud service providers can develop their systems even from scratch with best security practices planned for and built into the system from ground up. The core cloud computing software platform provides everything to the processes and monitors system used to control them.

Continuous Auditing

A serious cloud security provider will continuously audit, monitor and test all operations on a continuous basis. This sequence of processes benefits the customers very well. The cloud providers will run the latest versions of security software and hence if anything goes wrong they can easily spot it and correct it quickly.

In short, it is well clear that switching to cloud ensures better level of security by reducing the cost and time spent earlier for business data security and communications.


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