How to achieve effective business communication using VoIP?


Effective business communication plays a very important role in the success of every business enterprise. Being able to communicate effectively is critical to all business regardless of its size, age or type. Proper communication gives way for finding new opportunities, and converting them to sales or profit. Business VoIP phone systems play an important role in it. It seamlessly ties together voice, data, wireless, video conferencing, instant messaging, and other business critical tools and applications. VoIP phone systems should be taken seriously by a small business owner, as it’s a powerful tool for the growth of business.

What is VoIP?

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) in simple words, allows you to make telephone calls via the Internet. VoIP software converts the sound waves into digital format and transmits them online. As a result people can use VoIP to make calls to landlines or mobiles, and can dramatically reduce the call costs than using a traditional phone system. It also provides the free calling facility between VoIP users. The availability of VoIP software in Smartphones, tablets, and even newer fixed line telephones made it more popular among small business organizations. Comparing to conventional telephone systems, VoIP don’t have to pay for line-rental, flag-fall and other maintenance costs. At the same time it can provide similar and sometimes higher voice quality as the traditional systems. Businesses that use VoIP infrastructure can experience effective business communication and can engage more intimately with stakeholders using a much cheaper way of communication. Clearer communication increases the productivity and allows your business to progress even more.

VoIP vs. Traditional telephony

The number of users for VoIP is increasing and the traditional telephony users are shrinking each year. The use of Smartphones and VoIP phones are pushing traditional phone systems out of home and offices. The biggest advantage of VoIP over TDM phones are its software application driven features. Call routing, voice-mail-to-email, video conferencing on a desk or video phone instead of complex tele-presence systems, call recording etc. are some advanced features provided by VoIP. Users can have a virtualized experience and distributed voice calls. It’s a huge benefit from VoIP, to access the services from anywhere and work from home or anywhere else.

Some advantages of using VoIP

  • Increases the productivity

It can increase the productivity of employees by allowing them to perform multiple tasks simultaneously without technical interruptions. VoIP services helps to conduct virtual meetings, document sharing, conduct video conferencing which saves time and effort. Apart from earlier VoIP versions which produced distortion, lagging and dropped calls, the new advancements in it have made it more appealing to business, and also enhanced the voice clarity to make it distinguishable from traditional telephony.

  • Cost effective

Since calls are made over the Internet, the business enterprise only needs to pay for the network usage and its maintenance. It reduces the number of bills to pay. Communication with customers and long distance calling becomes much cheaper and easier at no extra cost. It provides more customer satisfaction and retention and the employees can make sure that all of their needs are met all calls are answered in a timely manner.

  • Provides flexibility and mobility

VoIP telephony also enables users to integrate programs such as email, e-fax, instant messaging, conferencing etc. over the Internet using the phone system. This system provides the flexibility to do different tasks simultaneously like accessing other applications while attending a call and browsing the Internet at the same time. It also provides the freedom for an employee to select the device of their choice that can make calls using the Internet connection and work from any other location other than the office. The mobility factor advantages the corporate employees who have to travel all the time.

  • Helps in the expansion of the business

VoIP is the best choice for enterprises that are planning to expand their business, when it comes for better customer satisfaction. The possibilities of communication are endless for those who run Internet based companies. No matter where your clients or suppliers are, in this world, you’ll be able to stay connected with them always and can share informations.

  • Easy Installation and maintenance

Installation of VoIP is easy and it requires only less technical knowledge. VoIP installations can use the existing cabling for traditional telephone systems. As VoIP systems are highly scalable, it’s very easy to add or remove connections without the help of a technical expert. Alterations and maintenance are simple in a VoIP system as the transfer of voice signal to digital is performed by software instead of hardware.

Some profitable features of VoIP

Unlike traditional systems VoIP offers many different ways to communicate online. With VoIP you can not only transmit your sound to the receiver, but also can use the features of video conferencing using video enabled business phone systems. If you have a VoIP enabled phone and internet connectivity then you can use your phone to communicate at a much lower cost using VoIP features which ends up in saving considerable amount of money.

  • Video Conferencing

As the name indicates it allows having a ‘face-to-face’ communication using a camera, microphone and a screen. It allows people in distant locations to discuss ideas in real time in a virtual space. Face to face communication can provide more clarity than a telephone conversation and can save time and money for travelling. With video conferencing, the remote employees in an organization can take part in weekly meetings, without travelling long distances that cost valuable work time.

  • Long Distance Calling

You can call anyone anywhere in the world with Internet connectivity in minimal expenses. With VoIP, business people don’t need to concern about cutting the calls short when it’s a long distance call.

It allows an employee to receive calls from your business line from anywhere and at any time. This means that when your an incoming call arrives your office phone, cell phone r home phone may rung sequentially, which lowers the chance of missing a client.

  • Creates a Virtual Presence

Virtual extensions connect the business phone number with mobile phone. It allows sending or receiving calls from your phone at any time from any place.

A VoIP phone system can provide business features to increase productivity that can never be achieved by using a traditional landline system. Communication will become easier as more and more individuals and companies decide to install VoIP systems in their networks.


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