Advanced Calling Features of Business Phone Systems


Every business communicate with its clients and staffs through phone systems. Business phone systems should possess more enhanced features compared with the normal phone systems. This is because businesses require more options and facilities to effectively manage their daily communications.

Traditional phone systems were mostly land phones which ties up the users on their desks or cabins. One of the major limitations with this traditional phone system is that the staffs could not continue their business once they are out of their work-space. Hence the workers have to continuously stick on their desks for making and receiving calls. The old phone systems used in businesses incurred more costs for their installations and maintenance. Also adding new connections or removing connections required more time, cost and effort.  Expensive hardware equipment, complex wiring and numerous connections were needed to make inter-department connections and to deploy phone system in a business.

These limitations of traditional phone systems were overcome by the emergence of advanced business phone systems. The newer phone systems are mostly based on the VoIP technology. The VoIP based business phone systems incorporate a wide range of advanced calling features.

Enhanced Calling Features 

The improved calling features of business phone systems that help to enhance the business communication include the following;

  • Call Routing features

    One of the most relevant features of modern business phone systems is the Call Routing feature. This feature helps the service provider to connect your incoming calls to you. The phone system service provider will have to keep a 24 x 7 schedule. This is required to connect with your home or office phone instantly whenever a caller dials your number extension number. This is referred to as basic call –routing.

    In the most modern business phone systems, more advanced call routing services are included. In this, a time or caller-ID based schedules are used. This may be scheduled for 24 hours a day or for certain times of a day. Also it can be set to reach to certain numbers or to a particular number. It also allows you to dial many numbers simultaneously or sequentially through the dialing orders you assign. The feature including flexible schedules with respective to your availability, unavailability, type of callers is known as advanced call-routing.

    Other intelligent routing features include the following;

    Source/ Destination Routing – it deals with creating a routing schedule based on the source or destination of the incoming calls. This helps in forwarding calls to workers assigned for the particular region or language.

    Call Queuing – this feature helps to process calls effectively during peak hours.

    Busy – if the required employee is not available to pick a call, then the call will be automatically diverted to another employee or a pre-recorded message will be played. This is Multi-Line Hunting. 

  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) features

    As name implies, the IVR or Interactive voice Response features helps to makes use of voice in controlling business calls.

    Welcome Greetings or Messages
    – this is used to create customized welcome messages or greetings to greet callers. It can be set in your preferred language.

    Voice2Mail – this feature allows the callers to place a voice-mail that can be automatically sent to your e-mail inbox in the form of a text file.

    Fax2Mail – this enables you to receive faxes without having an actual fax machine. The faxes are sent to your email inbox as PDF files via a virtual fax line provided by your service provider.

    Call recording – the call recording feature of business phone systems automatically records your incoming calls and stores them in a secure database. This helps in future reference of important calls.

  • Customizable Call Settings

    There are some options that allow the users to customize their calls according to their interests.

    Call Priority – some features are there to set how you want to handle your calls such as connecting calls immediately or not, press a key to accept, diverts to voice-mail, etc. Some latest providers include PIN facility through which you can give priority to calls from your VIP clients.

    Caller ID – you can set what caller-ID numbers should display for your inbound or outbound calls.

    Call Duration – You can set when and how long you want to talk to an employee.

    Click to Call Widget – this facility allows you to create your own Call Me button to add to your blogs, emails, web pages, advertisements, etc to service your clients instantly.

  • Call Privacy settings

    Block Unwanted Callers – there are options to block anonymous callers. It sets your phone to automatically reject calls from anyone who has blocked their caller-ID information. Modern business phone systems also have options to stop unwanted callers by blocking up to ten numbers from ringing through to your phone.

    Protecting your Privacy – You can guard your phone number by blocking your caller-ID details from displaying with your outgoing calls.


The advanced calling features of business phone systems are not ending here. Day by day trendy business phones are releasing in markets with most stylish and awesome features for handling calls. The advancement of calling features in turn improves the quality and standard of business communications.




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