The Advantages of Staying Connected under the Cloud

Cloud PBX Solution from BroadConnect Telecom USA

Cloud PBX Solution from BroadConnect Telecom USA

Cloud PBX is a phone service provided through the Internet which can provide a scalable, flexible and reliable business phone system. Everything is managed under the cloud and the phone service provider is responsible for the maintenance of the system which allows the organization to concentrate more on other areas of business. The term ‘Cloud’ in the Cloud PBX system just refers to the Internet connection used to connect to the person you’re speaking with instead of the traditional telephone wires. The main benefit is that the Cloud PBX phone systems are capable of growing along with the business.

Before moving to a cloud based phone system every business organization should have a research on the risks and benefits of such a system in their business. Because of the large list of advantages offered from Cloud service providers, the popularity of cloud based phone systems are increasing day by day. Organizations using cloud based business phone systems need not have to worry about issues like scalability, flexibility, reliability etc. The main requirements for a cloud based phone system are: a stable Internet connection to deliver the calls, to route the inbound calls to correct workers inside a company, and provide various telephony features like call forwarding, call recording, virtual voicemail etc.

BroadConnect Telecom is a North American based telecom company providing services like Cloud PBX, Hosted PBX, SIP Trunking, Business Phone Systems, Unified Communications, Audio and Video Conferencing etc. all across USA and Canada. BroadConnect presents several offerings that you can take advantage of by switching your business phone system to BroadConnect’s enterprise class system. The cutting edge technology from BroadConnect gives the very best features for your business phone system.

Some benefits of phone systems hosted in the cloud over the onsite phone systems of the past:

  • Low upfront cost to get started
    No need of purchasing, installing or maintaining costly hardware in your office. Hosted PBX phone systems are ready to use quickly and easily.
  • Easy Installation
    Installation can be done using the existing cabling in your home or office.
  • Easy Maintenance
    Upgrades and enhancements are done by the service provider with no hassles for the subscriber. Updating the hosted PBX system and adding new features doesn’t require additional hardware/software and no technical staff on site.
  • Highly Adaptable
    As the phone system is hosted in the cloud, you can have access to it from anywhere, provided an Internet connection is available there.
  • Provides highly available system
    Hardware failures for onsite phone systems may take many days to get it repaired. Hosted PBX system failures can be handles by the service providers quickly, and it provides a much more highly available system.
  • Allows employees to work from multiple locations
    It helps a business firm to create a mobile workforce and provides the necessary coverage needed for the business even when the employees are at home or travelling. It provides provision for employees to work from home using their IP phones or using cell phones or softphones on laptops.
  • Grows along with your business
    It’s easy to add new connections, which doesn’t require additional hardware installations. Business firms can greatly focus on growing their business, not on the phone system.

BroadConnect’s cloud PBX system offers VoIP functionalities (Voice over Internet Protocol), Call handling capabilities, Call centre capabilities and phone capabilities specifically for business needs. Contact BroadConnect Telecom when you are in search of an efficient phone system hosted in the cloud that can provide all the features needed for a reliable business phone system. Enjoy being in the cloud and have all the advantages of an enterprise class system.


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