Advantages of Migrating your Business Phone System to VOIP

VOIP migration


Switching to a Hosted PBX phone system can not only save money, but it’s also very easy to set up and comes with a full set of enterprise features. Without knowing any technical background details, one can easily upgrade to a fully featured hosted phone system through a web browser literally in minutes. VoIP (Voice over Internet protocol) is a way of making phone calls through the Internet. Since 2004, VoIP services have been replacing traditional phone services across business and residential communications, causing telecom companies to adapt to newer technology. Most small and medium business firms are now planning to move towards a hosted VoIP solution in the near future.

Comparing VoIP vs. IP-PBX

The average business savings range between 50% – 75% after migrating to VoIP. Purchasing an IP-PBX phone system needs the purchase of costly hardware parts. For a hosted PBX system, the only hardware needed is the IP phones and routers.

Hosted VoIP IP-PBX
Low initial and setup cost Initial cost and setup costs are high
Lower to no maintenance cost Higher long term maintenance cost
Low potential monthly service provider’s cost for calls and features Potentially lower on-going monthly cost after the system is paid for
Adding or removing lines are easy in a Hosted VoIP system To get low call costs, it have the ability to SIP Trunk with VoIP provider
Provides software upgrades and new features as part of service


How can VoIP save money?

  • Installation doesn’t need costly equipments

Hosted VoIP eliminates the need for in-house servers and other costly hardware’s along with their expensive equipment fees. In a hosted system everything are handled by the external service provider ‘in the cloud’. It allows the subscribers to share the expenses of servers and maintenance and thus everyone saves money.

  • Changes can be done easily and free of cost

Adding new features, new users, phone lines and any extras can be done using a web browser without paying for an on-site technician every single time. As Internet makes it easy to do everything online, business can save many services charges for making any changes to the system.

  • No special charges for long distance calls

Making calls using Internet is very cheap. Most of the VoIP service provider allows you to make international calls at local rates. While making an international call using VoIP, the task of the service provider is to just connect to the country being called, and essentially initiates the phone call from within that country, so the caller can end up paying their local rate.

Advantages of using VoIP phone systems in your company

The reason for the prevalence of VoIP is that it provides many benefits than the legacy phone systems. Some of the benefits are listed below:

  • It saves cost

It’s the most attractive feature of VoIP. VoIP phone system allows both Internet and phones to use the same cabling, which saves cabling costs. Geographically distributed organizations with multiple branches, international calling and employee telecommuting have more flexibility in VoIP platform. All the devices in a VoIP environment are interconnected and office extensions can be used via a laptop computer from anywhere without extra costs.

  • Makes rich media service possible

It provides multiple options of media to users by integrating with other protocols and applications, and creates new markets in the communications industry, such as VoIP service in mobile phones. It allows people to check friend’s presence (such as online, offline, busy), make voice or video calls, send instant messages, transfer images and so on.

  • Phone number mobility

VoIP provides number mobility. It’s a difficult task to call the phone company and ask for a phone number update each time when the company location changes. VoIP phone devices can use the same number virtually everywhere as long as IP connectivity is available at that location. Business people using IP phones can use their same number everywhere in the world and can access the same features or services wherever the phone goes.

  • Lacks geographical boundary

VoIP service area has no geographical boundary. Employees from different locations can stay connected together and can work from their home or anywhere else. The area code or country code is not bound to a specific location. For example, people working in a country can subscribe to another country’s number, which makes it possible that all calls to that country become domestic calls.

  • Easy management

Most VoIP providers provide an easy-to-use web GUI to their subscribers so that they can change features, options and changes dynamically.

  • It’s feature rich

Features of a Hosted VoIP phone system includes – click-to-call on a web page, find-me/follow-me, selective call forwarding, personalized ring tones, simultaneous rings on multiple phones, selective area or country code and so on.

By switching from your old PBX systems to a VoIP platform, you bring the power of data network and computer software applications to voice communication. VoIP provides greater control over calls and messages. Many busy executives waste a lot of time trying to prioritize and respond to a flood of messages. The list of what a VoIP phone system can’t do is actually very short. VoIP phone services can use the standard office Internet connections, so there is no reason not to start exploring VoIP solutions today.


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