The Pros of Hosted PBX Phone Systems

The communication sector is keep increasing with the advent of newer technologies and devices. Even today, the telephone systems have a vital role in telecommunication as it is the simplest and easiest means for connecting people instantly.

Day by day the phone systems are becoming more stylish, advanced and smarter. Though the basic functionalities of the telephones remain unchanged, the hardware which delivers the service and the enhanced technologies are integrated to provide better performance and services for users, especially for business people. This newly emerged phone systems are also capable of delivering more facilities and cost efficiency. 

Newer technically advanced telephones changed the concept that phones are only meant for delivering voice signals. Modern phone systems are capable of transmitting multimedia data and services using Internet technology. The mode data transmission and calls distribution has changed significantly.

One of the latest phone systems that have made a revolutionary change in the communication field is the Hosted PBX phone systems. The wide popularity and global acceptance of hosted PBX phone system is due to its enhanced features and benefits. Hosted PBX phone systems have a number of pros that supports your business in the right way. Following are the major pros of Hosted PBX phone system;

  1. Lower Costs

    The striking feature of Hosted PBX systems is their cost efficiency. Using Hosted PBX phone system will help you to save a significant amount of money spent for communication. The cost efficiency is achieved because there is no initial deposit or investments. You can also avoid purchasing expensive equipments. The only requirement is the VoIP based phone and a reliable Internet service. The expensive PBX hardware devices are managed by the VoIP service providers at their sites. This off-site management of PBX equipments will also help you to avoid the system management overheads and maintenance costs.  You can also save your work-space, power charges, labour charges, etc. Hosted PBX systems allow you to make long distance calls at local rates. This helps to save a considerable amount of money spent for huge monthly bills.
    As a result the implementation of hosted PBX in your business only incurs phone system purchase and set up costs, and the low monthly bills.

  2. Future Expansion

    With hosted PBX phone system, all sorts of business expansion can be done easily without worrying about modifying or upgrading the phone systems. Hosted PBX provides a very flexible room for future expansion and growth. If your business wants to add new connections or wants to extend its business to a newer location, then the hosted PBX phone systems can be easily expanded to add new lines or extensions. No physical wiring or system modification is needed. Also no technical support or assistance is required at your work site. The headaches and the overall risks will be carried out by the service provider. The task of outsourcing your PBX system modification tasks to third party will considerably save your time, money and effort. Hence the hosted PBX system offers more flexibility and reliability for your business growth.

  3. Enhanced Feature set

    The broader set of enhanced technological features is another important benefit of hosted PBX phone systems. The hosted PBX phone systems provide all sorts of VoIP features at affordable rates. It includes advanced calling features such as Call Conferencing, Call Transferring or Forwarding, Call-Logo Management, Call waiting, Auto-Attendant, Call Screening, Group chats/Calls, private and shared voice mail boxes and messages, Caller ID, Web browsing services, etc.
    You can enjoy this set of features with reasonable charges. This wide range of options will provide more space for making the business communication more convenient and realistic.

  4. Easy to Implement and Use

    It is very easier to implement and run hosted PBX systems in your business. Since no physical installations are required, the phone system can be set up with few hours. As soon as it is deployed into the business, you can start using it without waiting for further configurations and connections. The fewer steps involved in using hosted PBX system are; connecting your IP phone into a reliable broadband connection and to the service provider, get your extension number, and enjoy making calls. Picking and cancelling virtual numbers is also very easy with hosted PBX system.

  5. Virtual Presence

    Hosted PBX gives the employees of an organization the freedom to work from anywhere outside their work-spaces. This mobility feature of hosted PBX helps the employees to continue their business even if they are absent in work sites. This virtual presence of employees helps the company to carry out their day to day activities without much delay. This also helps the employees to work more productively from a stress free environment.

The above factors are only a few among the numerous features of Hosted PBX that benefits your business. Like any other technology, the hosted PBX also has some drawbacks. But the fewer cons of Hosted PBX are negligible when compared with the wide range of pros it have.


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