Different Ways to Make Free Internet Phone Calls

Internet and Telephones have greater significance in this technological world. A best way to get people closer is through phone calls. A major problem with calling people at geographically distant locations is the huge call rate and monthly bills. Hence people are continuously looking for better cost effective ways through which efficient communication can be established.

Nowadays a number of methods are available for making free calls. The integration of Telephonic services with Internet is the revolutionary method that paved the way for developing free calling services. Many companies are providing advanced VoIP services and business phone systems to make free business communication calls.

One way to make unlimited free phone calls over distant locations is to use the software –based – services over the Internet. Make sure that the callee and the caller is using the same service. But this method can sometimes become time inconvenient and sometimes unrealized. Hence more convenient methods or applications were emerged for making unlimited free phone calls using Internet. The free phone call applications mainly come in four forms such as;

  1. PC to Phone programs – they make free call from your computer to original phone number. Here, no separate phone number is required.
  2. App to Phone software – they make free Internet calls from a mobile device to a real phone number. Using these services calls can be made to any number, even land-lines or mobile phones that uses the app.
  3. PC to PC Internet calling – here computer makes free phone call to another computer.
  4. App to app services – they run entirely on mobile devices and results in phone calls that can only work if the recipient has the same application installed.

The various applications used for making free Internet calls consist of the following;

  • Skype
    ImageSkype is one of the most popular messaging services used for making free Internet phone calls. It can be used for connecting several different desktops and /or mobile platforms. Skype is works with phones such as Android, iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry, PlayStation Vita, Windows phone, iPod touch, Kindle Fire HD, etc. Since Skype is compatible with desktops and mobile devices, any variation of communication is allowed such as PC to PC, app to PC, app to app, PC to app.

    In order to use Skype, you required to create an account on Skype with valid username and password. The recipients should also have a Skype account. You can search for a user in the public Skype directory by their email id or phone number. If you know the recipients username, then you can directly add them to contacts. Ahead of Internet free phone calling, Skype also supports video calls, text messages, file exchange, etc.

  • Google Voice
    ImageGoogle Voice offers you a convenient way for making free Internet calls. It is possible to make calls to an original phone number, PC to PC calls, free PC to phone calls, etc.

    Google Voice provides more features than free Internet calls. Google Voice gives you provisions for free SMS, free conference call, free voice mail services, etc. Google Voice gives you a way to manage the phone numbers in your life and can also used for routing incoming calls to your free phone number given by Google Voice to any other phone you have. 

    Google Voice only allows you to make free phone calls to numbers in United States and Canada. Google Voice doesn’t support unlimited free calls. The time free call is limited to three hours. Google Voice can be used as a mobile app which works well with Android, BlackBerry, and iOS users.

  • Facebook Messenger
    ImageThis is a messaging service from the popular social networking media – Facebook. The Facebook Messenger can make free phone calls from PC to PC and from app to app. It can transmit texts, images, and video in addition to voice.

    There are certain things to be ensured before making free Internet calls through Facebook Messenger. Both the recipients must be friends on Facebook and should have the correct application installed. A plug-in requires to be installed on your PC to make calls using Facebook Messenger. The Facebook Messenger will not support calling real phone numbers like land phones. The Facebook Messenger mobile application can be installed for Android, iOS and Windows phone users.

  • Yahoo! Messenger
    ImageYahoo! Messenger can be used as a desktop or mobile application to make free Internet phone calls with other Yahoo! Users. To make calls you need an account in Yahoo! Messenger.

    Yahoo! Messenger allows you to send video calls, instant messages, SMS texts, etc. It can be installed for Windows and Mac desktop users and also suits for iOS and Android devices.

These are only a few methods for making free Internet calls to long distances. Many VoIP service providers are developing more advanced apps and methods for personal and business purposes. The coming days will bring more awesome technologies and apps for making unlimited free calls very conveniently.


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