6 Reasons Why Cloud PBX is Suitable for Your Business

Image                                     Fig 1: Cloud based Telephony System

Cloud PBX which incorporates the technological features of VoIP is the newer trend in business communications. In simple terms, cloud PBX is defined as a phone system which serves your business communications via Internet, instead of using phone lines.

The mass migration of businesses towards cloud PBX is due to its advanced technological features and facilities that suit your business in the right way. There are many reasons for choosing cloud PBX for satisfying your business requirements. They include the following;

  1. Cost Efficiency

    One of the main reasons for using cloud PBX in business is its economic feasibility. That is, using cloud based phone systems will help you to save a considerable volume of money. The cloud PBX is cheaper compared to traditional phone systems because the phone calls are made via internet instead of using costlier traditional telephone lines. No initial investments for hardware devices are required. Elimination of expensive PBX equipment not only avoids the initial cost but also eliminates the device maintenance costs. Off-site management of PBX removes the overheads and maintenance issues from users, because they are managed and monitored by the service provider. Cloud PBX also allows the business to decide the number of extensions it requires. Choosing a minimal number will help the business to bring down the cost even more.

  2. Easily scalable

    Cloud PBX systems are very easy to scale up or down based on the business requirements. It provides scalable extensions to any geographical areas in spite of the hardware location. Companies that have variable extensions and those that expand dynamically over distant locations can enjoy the benefits of cloud PBX phone services for satisfying their newer requirements. At the same time, with traditional phone systems, any small change or extension required an expert’s assistance for drawing new physical connections and wiring. This incurred high wiring cost and service charges. Nowadays these changes can be made online by the respected person. Hence the high degree of scalability offers by cloud PBX not only helps you in saving money but also in saving time.

  3. Feature –rich Technology

    Cloud PBX is enriched with lots of advanced technical features and facilities. Compared with traditional phone systems, cloud PBX offers customers enhanced calling and call management features. They include Call Conferencing, Call Waiting, Caller ID provisions, Auto-Attendant, Automated Greetings, Call Logo Management options, Find-Me/Follow-Me, Group Chats/Calls, Call Screening, Voice mail to Email Transcription, Web services, Call Diverting or Call Transferring, etc.  In addition to these, most of Cloud PBX providers provide free internal calls and offer calls. As a result, Cloud PBX amazes users with the latest technological features.

  4. High Reliability and Flexibility

    Cloud PBX systems have superior reliability. Sometimes the cloud PBX systems are running from the cloud with geographical redundancies. Hence, if an active server goes down, then the system can immediately connected to a working site. This faster change over takes place silently, even the business will not recognize the difference. Also, it doesn’t require you to seek the help of a technical expert to maintain your cloud PBX system. All sorts of problems or issues will be managed and resolved by the service provider by continuing the PBX service.

  5. High Level of Mobility

    Mobility is a favorable factor for all employees to enjoy their work. The overall calls and services are rendered from the cloud which is a central point of the communication technology. In this cloud technology, the calls are routed through Internet or VoIP; hence employees can receive their calls from anywhere irrespective of their work-space. So the old concept of tying employees to their desks is removed and allowed the workers to move freely and enjoy their works. This feature offers a good amount of flexibility and helps the staffs to continue their business from anywhere outside their office.

  6. Better security

    Security is a critical factor in every communication sector. The cloud PBX ensures your business with high degree of security. The overall data exchanged and resources used are monitored and managed by the cloud. Hence chance of data loss or corruption is very less. Efficient data recovery mechanisms and backup strategies are available. Most of the service providers offer mechanisms to continuously monitor your network and system to prevent unauthorized intrusion attempts.

The technology of Cloud PBX provides an underlying platform for making business communications smoother and flexible. The above reasons clearly state that using cloud PBX in business is highly beneficial and economical.


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