Major Reasons to Migrate Your PBX to Cloud Technology


The tendency to migrate towards Cloud is an intelligent choice. This is so because, compared with the existing PBX system the cloud PBX has many advantages.Cloud provides an extensive support and features for improving your business communications. The attractive feature about cloud is that it offers advanced facilities with an affordable rate.

The major reasons that drive the modern businesses towards cloud computing are as follows;

  • Cost Efficiency
    The most striking reason for migrating to cloud is the high degree of cost efficiency provided by the cloud technology. Using Cloud PBX in your business helps to save the money in all areas of your business. Cloud PBX saves money mainly in four ways; No need to purchase new IP phones or hardware, Rewiring is not required, Reduces monthly bills or charges considerably, Retraining is not required, etc.
    That is, the capital cost for setting up the cloud system is very low and also the maintenance or insurance is not required. Moreover, the cloud system incurs true per second billing at the most competitive rates. Hence the choice of migrating towards cloud is a good decision regarding the economical feasibility of business.
  • Enhanced Features
    Cloud PBX which relies upon the VoIP technology provides all the world class features and facilities of VoIP. The wide range of enhanced features include Auto Attendants, Call Forwarding, Call Logo Management, Call Recording, Simultaneous Ringing of Multiple Phones, Call Answering, Find Me/Follow Me, Call Transferring, Caller ID, Voice mail to Email, Shared and Private voice mail boxes and messages, Web services, and so on. These advanced calling and call management features are provided with affordable charges.
  • Scalability
    The cloud based systems can be expanded very easily based on your business growth. Adding of new users to the system can be done quickly by plugging an additional phone into an available port. No more wiring or connections are needed. The cloud PBX system can be scaled up or down based on your business requirements with affordable costs.
  • Calls are Available Everywhere
    The technology of cloud actually gives you the experience of a virtual PBX which is not geographically bound. Here, your call is actually routed to your extension number where it’s plugged in. It is relevant in mobile office solutions. Even if your office is shifted or changed, then the cloud PBX sends calls to the area where your IP phone is plugged in. This feature of cloud PBX provides greater degree of mobility. It is highly beneficial for companies having branches in distant locations.
  • Business Continuity
    Employees can move anywhere freely by continuing their business. This is possible as long as the workers are within the range and service of the cloud. Through a cloud PBX disaster recovery strategies that suit your business can be set and also it reduces the down time on office communications considerably. As a result, the staffs can continue their business communications very effectively independent of their physical locations.
  • Automatic Upgrades is Possible
    The cloud PBX system is capable of upgrading or updating automatically all the time. It doesn’t incur any cost or headaches to the users. Hence there’s no need to wait for the assistance of a technician to upgrade your system with the latest features.
  • Control and Customization
    The cloud PBX is considered as the future of digital communication. This virtual PBX system can be configured very easily from a simple web portal. It also allows you to select the how much control you want over the settings. Cloud enables you to change or set the Auto Attendant messages, background music, etc. The customization and control features provided to users make it more flexible and convenient for users to use it.

There are many more reasons that tempt the modern businesses to migrate towards cloud PBX systems and technology. In short we can say that, using cloud PBX system on your business will surely fill your pocket and hikes the standard of the business.


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