Is SIP Trunking Economically Feasible for your Business?



As the cloud technology develops day by day most business are now moving towards cloud based platforms for their communication functions. SIP Trunking (Session Initiation Protocol)  is an efficient way for business people to migrate away from their old PSTN systems and to start taking the most advantages from the new world of VoIP and SIP Trunking. The SIP Trunking is a highly powerful, scalable and flexible solution that helps small and medium sized business firms to cut down business communication costs and resources while providing high quality of service.

The need of a change from ISDN to SIP Trunking

There is a massive potential to save money by opting to change to SIP trunks. SIP Trunks are more cost-effective and robust solution than ISDN. It’s an IP-based telephony service, which delivers valuable capability and recurring revenue for the business. It can solve real business issues and can make the business more efficient. SIP Trunking will allow the business firm to join its data and voice services in to one network, so that it will no longer have to pay out for expensive ISDN rental costs. VoIP enabled business calls are much cheaper than ISDN calls, especially in the case of overseas calls. Using SIP trunking also allows the business firm to add extra phones to the infrastructure without installing extra lines at greater cost.

Cash Saving possibilities with the use of SIP Trunking

  • Rapidly increases the ROI

SIP Trunking is a cloud based technology which doesn’t require much initial investment. But it increases the profit by saving communication costs immediately after its installation along with maintaining the features customers have with their local PBX.

  • Avoids the need for BRI, PRI or PSTN Gateways

Basic Rate Interfaces (BRI), Primary Rate Interfaces (PRI) or local PSTN Gateways are not needed in SIP Trunking which lowers the telephony costs of the business.

  • Scalability

SIP Trunking provides freedom from purchasing costly infrastructures. Current requirements are installed first and expand the system as the business grows. Once the installation is completed any number of telephone lines or other devices can be connected to the system without the help of technical staff. It’s really that simple.

  • Reliability

SIP Trunking provides a stable connectivity. At times of power or circuit outages SIP Trunking can automatically reroute to other offices, mobile phones or anywhere else virtually based on the business rules.

  • Enables the firm to expand geographically

By combining voice and data through networking, SIP Trunks can connect distant business locations together and expands a company’s geographic voice and data systems.

  • Call cost Reduction

SIP Trunking dramatically reduces the cost of making and taking calls by eliminating the need for separate voice and data connections. All necessary infrastructures to handle additional voice/data traffic in the future are already in place. No matter what the size is a single SIP Trunking account can serve an entire enterprise.

  • SIP Trunking doesn’t allow to miss any call

Employees can attend the calls even if they are not at the office. Their calls can be automatically routed to their mobile phones. When the lines are busy or if the office is closed for the day, the company never miss a call from any of its valuable customers.

  • Provides more efficient communication system

SIP Trunking facility provides awesome options like voice calls, instant messages, video conferencing, customer contacts sync’d between devices to keep the system organized, call recording, conference calling etc.

  • Increase in productivity

Connects multiple offices and mobile workers together and thus improves the collaboration of customer’s work force.

  • Easy to use communication interface

It provides a simple and easily identifiable interface to the IT managers and the employee users.

SIP trunking is an efficient and cost effective way to gain more productive communication without big capital expenses. By upgrading the SIP Trunks the business can benefit from any advancement in internet protocol (IP) voice technology and be able to integrate them in to operations with the maximum of ease. Moving premises are not a problem in SIP Trunking as it allows your business to export the existing number so that the end customer experience remains consistent.


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