Why should You Choose Hosted PBX for Your Business…?


Fig 1: Hosted PBX

From the last few years each and every business, in spite of its scale, is moving towards hosted PBX systems. This wide popularity of hosted PBX shows its significance in the modern business communication field. Hosted PBX systems offer a broad class of features and facilities that make it best suitable for today’s businesses.

Even today, many of the business people are unaware of the benefits that a hosted PBX system can bring into their businesses. They don’t know whether they could choose hosted PBX system for business communications and transactions.

Reasons for choosing Hosted PBX for your Business

Many reasons are there which motivates you in selecting a Hosted PBX system for your business.

  1. Cheaper and Economically Beneficial
    The hosted PBX is very cheaper compared to former PBX systems. It is so because there is no need to invest for expensive hardware such as PBX devices, servers, ATAs, routers, etc. It also eliminates the hardware installation and setting up costs. Hosted PBX also avoids the cost of training workers on technical expertise needed for system installation and setting up. Operational and maintenance cost PBX hardware is avoided since the PBX hardware is managed off-site by the provider. In short, the overall cost of implementing hosted PBX in your business will be half of the traditional PBX system’s cost.
  2. Easier and simple to Use
    The Hosted PBX system is very easier to use. There is no need to teach or train staffs to use the hosted PBX system and services. The hosted PBX service provider takes care of all the technical staff. The provider only provides you the user-friendly interface to manage your phone system in the simplest way.
  3. Faster Deployment
    It is very fast to deploy the hosted PBX system in business. This immediate deployment is possible because there is no need to purchase or install hardware or software. You can simply set up your system and run it within a day. The only requirement is to register and subscribe a plan that well suits you. As soon as you pay you’ll get the in-house phone to work with it.
  4. Scalable
    An important feature of hosted PBX is that it is highly scalable with the business growth. That is, we can add more lines or more phones to the hosted PBX service. The easily scaling up or scaling down feature of hosted PBX provides a flexible communication medium. Hence, business expansion can be easily done without worrying about the extra cost or tedious tasks required for modifying business phone systems.
  5. Reduces Time and effort
    Hosted PBX services and technology helps to save considerable amount of time that may required for caring and monitoring the PBX system. It also eliminates the headaches in operating and managing the hardware equipment and PBX connections.
  6. Virtual Presence and mobility Working
    Hosted PBX systems allow the employees to work from anywhere. That is, the workers are no longer tied to their desks or work-spaces hence they can continue their business from anywhere outside their office. This mobility feature is achieved because hosted PBX uses a cloud to store and to communicate. It uses the Internet or VoIP services to maintain the connection and communication. The internal communication between staffs is carried out via the PBX system for free of cost.
  7. BYOD – Bring Your Own Device
    Hosted PBX supports the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) strategy. BYOD states that you can bring your own personal devices such as laptops, tabs, smart phones, computers with softphones, etc to tour workspace. It gives you an advantage that you don’t need to invest on expensive hardware; you can use your existing devices for communication.
  8. Advanced features
    Hosted PBX telephony systems provide all the advanced calling features of VoIP. These features provide companies a better communication experience. These features also help to serve their customers in an efficient way. Enhanced features of hosted PBX include shared voice boxes, presence management, call recording, call transferring, automated greetings, etc.These factors show that it is better to choose hosted PBX system for your business. Hosted PBX is economically, technologically and operationally feasible. It benefits your business and improves the business standard.

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