The Importance of Cloud Computing among Youth

The technology of Cloud computing has very vast significance these days. Cloud computing is playing a vital role in establishing a strong and flexible communication among people, especially among youngsters. The Cloud computing is enriched with lot of enhanced technological features and facilities which attracts the youth.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing consists of a large volume of computers connected via Internet. This technology is capable of running programs or applications on multiple connected computers simultaneously; hence it is considered as a network-based service. The cloud computing technology delivers you services by virtual hardware and this virtual hardware is developed by software running on one or more real machines. Since these servers do not exist physically, they can be modified and changed without affecting the end-user.

The hosted products and services are delivered by the cloud vendor from a remote location. The cloud vendor sells the hosted services as an Application service Provider (ASP). The ASP owns, operates and maintains the servers that support the software. The Application Service Provider makes information available to clients through the Internet.

Cloud Computing and Youth

Youth has a special concern for cloud computing technology. The wide popularity of cloud computing within youth groups is because it is a centralized online server application providing space to keep all types of documents and information like word files, images, songs, etc.

The advanced cloud computing features provide the youth a flexible and an easy usable platform for resource sharing, information storage and for world-wide interactions.

With the use of cloud computing, there is no need to keep pen-drives, flash drives or hard disks for storing personal data. The cloud computing mode with the mail and social networking site profiles allows us to access and save our data from anywhere around the world. The only requirement is a reliable Internet connection. This concept provides the young generation a convenient online data storage application. Another advantage of using cloud computing is the significant shifting of workload. The local computers do not need to do all the heavy lifting when it comes to run applications. Instead the network of computers which constitutes the cloud handles them. This work sharing features of cloud computing makes the network faster and consistent.

The significant usage of cloud computing has decreased the hardware and software demands on the user’s side. The only requirement at user’s side is the ability of computer to run the interface software of the cloud computing system and the rest of work will be carried out by the cloud’s network. The interface software can be as simple as a Web browser.

Nowadays youth is continuously experiencing the benefits of cloud computing strategy. A best example of this is the usage of web-based e-mail services. If you have an account with web based e-mail services like Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc, then you are actually logging in to a Web e-mail account remotely instead of running an e-mail program from your local computer. The software and storage for your account doesn’t exist on your computer instead it is relied upon the service’s computer cloud.

The cloud computing services are categorized into various types based on their mode of service. The various cloud computing types include;

  1. IaaS – Infrastructure as a Service 
    The service provider uses a piece of software, hardware or firmware which creates and runs virtual machines.
  2. PaaS – Platform as a Service
    The service provider offers a computing platform that consists of Web server, Mail server, Operating system, etc.
  3. SaaS – Software as a Service
    SaaS is referred to on-demand software. It is priced as a pay-per-user basis.

    The cloud computing technology provides resources on-demand. This considerably reduces the chance of human errors, decreases the user involvement and speeds up the process automatically. It also reduces the communication costs and makes it economically affordable even for the peer group.
    Cloud computing technology hit the tastes of youth by making drastic revolutions in the social networking and Internet world. The cloud computing could exactly detects and satisfies the interests and demands of youth.


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