The Pros of Cloud Computing Technology


Fig 1: Layout of a Cloud Based System

          The cloud computing is a broader level of technology which incorporates a lot of advanced features for the making business easy. Cloud computing extensively uses internet based services and technologies to carry out business processes. The attractive part of cloud computing is that the overall tasks are controlled and managed by the cloud.  Cloud computing offers various methods to streamline your business operations. The key benefit of using cloud computing is that it makes businesses shift their business processes from on-site servers to the web. The Cloud computing technology is highly recommended for modern businesses because it very well knows how to make a business more productive and profitable.

Pros of cloud computing

The cloud computing technology is enriched with a lot of enhanced features. These features benefit the business the right way. The advantages of cloud computing include the following;

  1. Reduces Cost

    Cloud computing reduces the business expenditure considerably in many ways. Cloud computing is completely based on VoIP technology, that is, everything is carried out via Internet, hence cloud computing doesn’t require you to purchase any expensive hardware or software. This helps you to save a considerable amount of money that you spent for initial investments, purchasing hardware, etc. Cloud computing also lowers transaction costs, paperwork and also the number of IT staffs. Overall cloud computing reduces a good amount of money compared with the traditional business practices. 

  1. Scalability

    An attractive feature of cloud computing is that it only requires the businesses to pay for what they use. Cloud computing systems can be easily scaled up to meet the business requirements as the business expands. The increased business requirements can be easily accommodated by adding more server space. This dynamic extendibility nature of cloud computing helps the business to grow without worrying about upgrading or modifying the existing technologies.

  1. Easy collaboration

    The term Cloud refers to a concept of centralized information storage and management. The cloud computing technology makes the services accessible anytime from anywhere. This feature makes the collaboration of employees residing at distant locations easier. People around the world can access the cloud easily if they have a reliable Internet connection.

  1. Levels the playing field

    The cloud computing technology is suitable for all size businesses. Certain cloud computing providers delivers sophisticated technology at lower prices for small and mid-sized businesses. IT Resource sharing with other companies cuts down the cost of licensing software and buying servers.

  1. Streamline processes

    To streamline your business activities, cloud computing offers many methodologies. The feature helps to do more work in less amount of time with comparatively less number of people.

  1. Better economies of scale

    Using Cloud computing the volume output or productivity of business can be increased with fewer people.

  1. Improves flexibility

    The direction can be changed at any time without serious people or financial status at stake.

  1. Effective Project Monitoring

    The projects can be effectively monitored through cloud computing. It stays within budget and ahead of completion cycle times.

  1. Minimize licensing new software

    Stretch and grow without the need to buy expensive software licenses or programs.

   10. Reduces electricity bill

    Cloud computing can reduce your electricity bill considerably. The cost to keep servers and related equipments powered at your own office is reduced here.

   11. Ensures Better Security

    Cloud computing ensures more security and reliability for your communication system. High degree of security is achieved in cloud system because the overall data and resources are managed within the cloud. Hence local data loss or corruption will not occur. A backup of confidential information can be easily maintained. Thus better security is attained.

   12. Supports mobility features

     Cloud computing allows the employees to work freely from anywhere outside their office. The mobility feature of cloud computing unties the workers from their desk phones. This gives workers a stress free environment for carrying out their business. Cloud computing allows them to receive their important calls and thus continue their business irrespective of their workspace.

     The pros of cloud computing clearly depicts the relevance of cloud computing in the modern business fields. Implementing cloud in your business will unquestionably renovate the business productivity. 


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